Cape wave-power plant on cards

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A Canadian renewable energy company has identified two sites in the Western Cape where it plans to establish a wave-power project and is negotiating with the government to lease the areas of coastline.

rickCape wave-power plant on cards

Officials celebrate opening of America’s first hydrokinetic power project

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HOUSTON, Texas, U.S. 8/20/09 (PennWell) – On the Mississipi River in Hastings, Minn., the first of two hydrokinetic turbines has been activated as officials celebrated the official opening of what has been billed as the nation’s first federally-licensed hydrokinetic power project. Federal, state and city officials gathered here Aug. 20, 2009, to mark the first production of a 100-KW turbine manufactured by Houston-based Hydro Green Energy LLC. The second turbine will be installed next year. Together, the two units will be able to generate up to 250 KW at the Mississippi Lock and Dam No. 2. Philip Moeller, a member of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, said the startup of the nation’s first licensed hydrokinetic power turbine is a “step … Read More

rickOfficials celebrate opening of America’s first hydrokinetic power project

Examining the future of Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion

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Although it may seem like an environmentalist’s fantasy, experts in oceanic energy contend that the technology to provide a truly infinite source of power to the United States already exists in the form of Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC). Despite enthusiastic projections and promising prototypes, however, a lack of governmental support and the need for risky capital investment have stalled OTEC in its research and development phase. Regardless, oceanic energy experts have high hopes. Dr. Joseph Huang, Senior Scientist at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and former leader of a Department of Energy team on oceanic energy, told the HPR, “If we can use one percent of the energy [generated by OTEC] for electricity and other things, the potential … Read More

rickExamining the future of Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion

Challenges and Issues of Wave Energy Conversion

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Technical, Environmental and Permitting Challenges Facing Wave Energy Conversion for the California Coast This article summarizes the status of ocean wave energy technology and some of the challenges facing its development Cost environmental, permitting and regulatory issues, especially as they pertain to the U.S. West Coast, are also summarized. Background California is blessed with energetic ocean waves and a continental shelf that deepens quickly seaward, producing a wave energy resource relatively close to shore. Placing wave energy converters (WECs) close to shore minimizes both project cost and ocean wave suppression by friction. The resource availability is matched by a sizeable coastal population with large energy needs. By contrast, the East Coast of the United States has a very wide, shallow … Read More

rickChallenges and Issues of Wave Energy Conversion